Mediating Sustainable Cities

Audio Paper 2: Mediating Sustainable Cities: Creative Migrants and Urban Sustainability.


What should a sustainable city look like? A group of international students engaged on a debate on this question and provide their view based on their own experience. The debate originated in class and was triggered by Paola Monachesi’s papers on skilled creative migrants and the smart city. The students raise relevant issues such as the importance of appropriate housing, work opportunities, green spaces, good transportation, clean air, digital infrastructure, data ownership, as well as the risk of surveillance and the need for more active participation.

Participants: Paola Monachesi, Vlad Enasescu, Noemi Fábián, Sofia Pinto Pestana Reis Santos, Christophorus Ariobumi Praditya and Josine Schaap

#sustainablecity #smartcity #technology #dataowenership #digitalsustainability #environmentalsustainability #creativemigrants

Episode 2 transcript

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