Mediating Sustainable Cities

Audio Paper 3: Mediating Sustainable Cities: Elderly Care and Environmental Sustainability.


Ageing, vulnerability and the importance of care are the starting point of this audio paper that highlights the relationship between the human and the natural world, as one of co-constitution and reciprocal sustenance. Environmental sustainability has received attention thanks to the active involvement of the younger generations, but social media analysis shows that the elderly could also play an important role in reshaping the discourse on sustainable development, given their interest in nature. The current pandemic has shown the vulnerability of cities and challenged the smart city agenda. Can we conceive new ways of merging the rural and the urban, to support environmental and social sustainability? Paola Monachesi presents her view based on her research and personal experience.

Participants: Paola Monachesi

Text: Paola Monachesi

#environmentalsustainability #socialmedia #elderly #vulnerability #care


Episode 3 transcript

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