Mediating Sustainable Cities

Audio Paper 6: Mediating Sustainable Cities: Quantitative Analysis of Social Media Data.


In this audio paper, Paola Monachesi presents an innovative methodology that combines a language analysis of (geo-tagged) Twitter data with a social network analysis. While the language analysis reveals the interests and activities of the users analysed, the social network analysis provides a geographical visualization of their communicative interactions. This methodology can make a relevant contribution to the use of Twitter geodata in the analysis of communication for urban studies research. It sheds light on a possible storytelling behind the smart city discourse. This is important knowledge for urban planners and policy makers as is knowledge based on spontaneous data.

Participants: Paola Monachesi

Text: Paola Monachesi

#socialmedia #creativemigrants #elderly #twitter #languageanalysis #geotaggeddata #socialnetworkanalysis

Episode 6 transcript

Related Reading

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